New beginnings

We recently had new carpet laid in the majority of our home. After years of walking on the hard, unyielding type we now have the most beautiful soft, luxurious carpet that I could, literally, sleep on.

Of course, installing new carpet meant moving the entire contents of two bedrooms, my study, a large living area (the library) and a very long hallway, into the garage. This took a few days and resulted in a few aches and pains for us both. The upside is I now finally have my study the way I want it.

I've waded through some 800 books both in my study and in the library, and cleared out quite a few. Jim is building me timber dividers for my non-fiction collection. And my stuffed toys have been reduced significantly to one shelf in the bookcase. I even have space for more books - how exciting!

Now that the work is finished I just need to knuckle down and write!