Languishing in Languedoc

Getting used to a new car is always a challenge, but perhaps never greater than when one must drive it on the wrong side of the road. Having said that, my chauffeur is doing a magnificent job!

We picked up our rental Megane and headed south to Languedoc and our first stop Villeneuve Les Avignon, a tiny village only minutes from Avignon. We had booked a B&B in the village so we could avoid the bigger town but hadn't realised just how fortuitous was that decision.

Villeneuve Les Avignon is home to a magnificent 12th century fort that overshadows the village and which, incidentally, we could see from our balcony. It is also home to Chartreuse, a medieval monastery. Both structures are fascinating, as are the narrow cobblestoned lanes - where passing another car is an experience not to be missed. We also took advantage of several very good brasseries in the village.

When we finally made it into Avignon it was to spend time on the Pont d'Avignon, the famous ancient stone bridge that ends in the middle of the river. A wonderful story is attached to the Pont and I hope to write about it on our return.

We also spent a few hours in the ancient Roman town of Nimes. There we toured the Arena which is a smaller version of the Roman Coliseum but is in much better condition. Nimes was certainly challenging from a driving point of view because even though we are accompanied by the indispensable Renée (our rented GPS unit) we still managed to drive around in circles for a frustratingly long time.

We eventually made it back to Villeneuve Les Avignon, via a gorgeous little town called Uzes, and bid our charming village a sad farewell this morning. We are now in Carcassonne and look forward to further discovery tomorrow!


  1. Penny,
    I would love to visit Carcassonne. It was the setting for my 4th book, Vanquished. I'm so pleased Jim got your tablet working again and I am enjoying viewing the photos. Southwestern France must be very beautiful. Keep 'em coming.


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