Welcome Hattie and Harmony!

On Monday we welcomed into our family two beautiful little Wyandotte hens; Hattie and Harmony.

They are a little camera shy at the moment - in fact they're a little shy about everything as they're only 12 weeks old.

But they are just gorgeous - Hattie is white with black and silver specks and Harmony is black with dark green highlights - and we know they will soon become acquainted with both their environment and their 'sisters' Henrietta and Hyacinth.

They are currently accommodated in separate quarters in Le Cottage. Yesterday we fenced off a small 'nursery' yard for them and they enjoyed pecking around outside. On Sunday we hope to remove the temporary nursery and allow them access to the full yard - and to Henrietta who is keeping a close eye on them at present. Hyacinth, of course, is still sitting on five eggs which are due to hatch on Christmas Day...

In time we hope they will make the transition to Le Palais des Poules. And before long we expect they will be pecking and digging to their hearts' content.

Welcome Hattie and Harmony!


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