It happens in threes ...

To the Lighthouse

I was recently invited to attend a talk by Hobart U3A lecturer Penny Cohen on Virginia (and Leonard) Woolf.

I hadn't thought about Woolf for ages and the only novel of hers that I have read (and thoroughly enjoyed) - Back to the Lighthouse - has been hidden away in one of my bookcases for many years.

Then three things happened:

1. I registered for the talk and attended it last weekend. Woolf led a fascinating life and it was interesting to hear about her passion for life, her love of Leonard and her writing career.

2. Two weeks ago, on our way home from a weekend away at Bay of Fires, we drove down to St Marys and crossed to the Midland Highway. It was on this road that I saw the 'log cabin' bookshop from which I had bought Woolf's Back to the Lighthouse years before we even lived in Tasmania - and I'd completely forgotten where the bookshop was!

3. A friend recently lent me W is for Wasted (from Sue Grafton's alphabet detective series). I've just about finished reading it, but I couldn't believe it when about halfway through the book there are several paragraphs about Virginia Woolf. Who'd have thought Sue Grafton, contemporary crime writer, would include a reference to Virginia Woolf in a novel?

Maybe it was all meant to be.


  1. Yep…. love it when things like that happen……..and always in threes!! Happy Writing, my friend. :-)


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