Print vs e-book... again

I recently spent a couple of weeks in the Lake Maquarie district of NSW. And I was pleased to read that the Sunday Telegraph newspaper is promoting reading, for children and for parents of children (the newspaper is giving away copies of the Mr Men and Little Miss children's books). But even more interesting was an article on 7 February by Bruce McDougall.

He says, ‘children have become so consumed with electronic devices that many parents fear it is restricting their ability to experience the delights of traditional print books. The demands of the electronic age are now so great that the federal Department of Health has been forced to recommend that kids spend no more than two hours a day on devices to allow time for physical exercise.'

And that, 'Educators agree it is still vitally important for children to read traditional print books such as the classic Mr Men and Little Miss series from an early age.’ How absolutely refreshing!
I love to read, and I can do it just as easily via a traditional print book - or my Kindle if I'm travelling. But I just love the feel of a print book. I like to study the cover and the the back page blurb. I love the smell of freshly printed pages.
And I get the opportunity to use one of the many bookmarks I have collected from locations around the world. Can't do any of that with an e-book! 


  1. Got to love the handling of a "real" book and magazine too….. I, to, have an ireader but still "buy" books…. :-)


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