Heavenly Hawaii

I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow night, it seems only a couple of days since we arrived. We have previously holidayed here three times but still found lots to see and do!

We began last Sunday by lunching at the famous 'Hooters' with friends Dianne and Paul (and their son Jeffrey) from Halifax, Canada. We met them on the Celebrity Silhouette last year and discovered we would both be in Hawaii at the same time. It was lovely to catch up with them again, and give them the lowdown on the Solstice! Following a final night on board, we disembarked and said goodbye to yet another wonderful adventure. But now it was time for the next.

Our hotel is the best we have ever stayed in here, with a kitchenette, fabulous views across the Ala Wei Canal, free fast Internet and even a commercial sized laundry as well as a well equipped gym and media centre that has both computers and printers available for guests. And all just a five minute walk from the main Waikiki shopping areas.

Our days have been full - walking to and then around the wonderful Honolulu Zoo; spending time at the enormous Ala Moana Shopping Centre (and picking up some bargains at Macy's); taking Waikiki Trolley Buses to the East Coast via Diamond Head and the stunning Hanauma Bay (and its resident chickens) as well as the beach where 'that scene' from the movie From Here to Eternity was filmed, and highlights of Honolulu City.


In between we've had wonderful food in a variety of diners and restaurants, some right on the beach; we've watched CNN every day and know everything there is to know about the Sterling scandal in the US and the latest on Flight 370; I've had a Lava Flow cocktail, which is divine and Jim has settled for Bud Light!

And tonight we met friends Irene and Graham from Adelaide, whom we met on the ship, for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Despite the fact it sounds like a dessert bar, its actually a huge modern restaurant with one of the most extensive menus we've seen - and the food is amazing. Great to catch up with Irene and Graham again and we hope to see them in South Australia some time.

Its late and we've not packed yet, so I'll close this blog for now ... until our next adventure!


  1. Thanks Penny for sharing your wonderful holiday. Sounds and looks beautiful - as well as relaxing and fun!


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