Second childhood...

A few weeks ago I began to collect stickers from our local Woolworths supermarket. These stickers, of which there are over 120, are a mixture of photographs, illustrations and cartoons of our basic food groups; herbs and spices, vegetables and fruit, eggs and grains.
My plan was to send as many of the photos I could collect to our sponsored World Vision child in Ethiopia so that she can see the types of natural foods we eat here in Australia. But as I began to collect the stickers I realised I was having fun as well.
So I purchased the book in which to stick them and then I started to sort through the hundreds I had amassed, and put them in order. This was a painstaking process but eventually I managed to find stickers for every space in the book, except three (still have a week to collect them...). All of my excess stickers I have returned to the store so that other 'children' can sort through and find any of their missing stickers.
But it wasn't just the exercise of finding the right sticker for the right space that I enjoyed, it was actually reading through the book which is crammed full of useful information about the various food groups and contains recipes, puzzles, games and projects. What fun I've had!
Who says you have to be a child to enjoy this sort of activity? I like to think that as adults we can still have fun, and learn.


  1. I love this…. yes, I still collect things and find joy in helping my students collect cards, stickers, books, etc….. great blog, my friend. :-)


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