Let it snow...

We have just spent a couple of nights in Hobart, missing some of the terrible weather up north. But it wasn't all smooth sailing down south either. On a whim we decided to take a drive down through the Huon to Franklin where there's a marvellous antique shop and an even more marvellous café called Petty Sessions. But I digress.

Halfway to our destination, the thermometer in the dashboard dropped to 3 degrees and then 2 degrees and sleet was raining down upon us. Then the temperature dropped to 1 degree and finally to -1 degree and the sleet became snow. Before we knew it, the road was covered in snow and it was everywhere!

For a couple of former Queenslanders, this was indeed an exciting diversion. I grabbed the camera and started taking shots all over the place. We drove carefully over the icy, snowy highway and eventually as we came down into Huonville the snow stopped as quickly as it had begun.

Following a delightful lunch at Petty Sessions, we began the drive back to Hobart but were stopped and turned around because we were told, 'there's too much snow on the road'. This required us to go back to Huonville and make a detour through Cygnet which was well out of our way, but the whole experience was well worth it. And as we headed for home we passed a snowy capped Mount Wellington in the distance, and felt like Europeans, for just a while.


  1. Love the photos!! What a wonderful experience………:-)


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