Getting organised

This week I finally got my act into gear and made some well overdue changes to my blog: I added a few pages to showcase my writing!

The reason I decided to do this now was because I am in the final week of a Travel Writing course with the Australian Writers Centre. The course is five weeks in length and involves downloading audio lectures and accompanying notes each Monday, listening, reading and taking notes, and then completing an assignment.

Once I complete the course at the end of this week, I hope to put what I have learned into practice by writing some good travel articles and pitching them to magazines and newspapers. I realise travel writing is an extremely competitive market but I believe I have the ability, and the determination to succeed. I have learned so much already in this course, and I'm excited about what I can achieve.

This morning's lecture talks about the use of a blog or website to promote our writing and since I already have a blog it was easy to adapt it for this use. And I look forward to adding more of my published articles over time.

Anyone interested in undertaking writing courses (of which there are many) that are tutored by professional writers should check out this website:

Happy writing everyone!


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