Akaroa and beyond

Day 5 saw us cruising into beautiful Akaroa. The sun was warm but the breeze was bitey. However, we had a lovely day walking through this little picturesque town which features remnants of a French settlement. Many of the street names are in French, as are some of the shops and businesses, and Penny felt right at home!

We lunched at Bully Hayes, a delightful glassed-in café on the waterfront. The 'Bully Hayes' arrived in the mid 1800s as a smuggler, gun-runner, illegal grog trader, swindler and slave trader! Fortunately he is no longer with us... After lunch we wandered up to the town's historic lighthouse for wonderful views of the bay which is actually the crater of one of three extinct volcanoes. And the New Zealand Christmas Bush is an absolute picture!

Our Onboard show was the Australian illusionist John Taylor, and we were very impressed. He has won three Merlin Awards and travels all over the world with his show. Just fabulous. We followed this up with an exquisite dinner (Jim calls it romantic) at the specialty restaurant Tuscan Grille where we watched the sunset whilst drinking a bottle of delicious Italian red wine.

Day 6 and we're at Dunedin. Our approach was one of the most spectacular we've seen and the city is, they say, the closest to Edinburgh outside Scotland. We've just spent a couple of hours at the Otago Museum and once we finish our coffee we'll be off to New Zealand's most photographed building - the Dunedin Railway Station.

There are several beautiful cathedrals in Dunedin as well as gardens and shops. Here we come...