The waiting game

In just 73 days' time we will embark on yet another overseas adventure.

Currently I am 'trawling the net' (excuse the pun) for accommodation, short flights overseas and train travel. I have found some amazing apartments and a couple of wonderful hotels, all reasonably priced. Its so easy these days, isn't it?

Our first stop is New York City, a place I haven't seen in over 30 years; same with our next stop, Washington DC. Then its on to Miami where we board the beautiful Celebrity Eclipse for our transatlantic adventure, arriving a couple of weeks later in Southampton.

A quick trip up to London, and a train first to Brussels and then to Amsterdam where we board the Celebrity Silhouette for a cruise into Scandinavia, including Russia and Estonia. Finally we fly to Edinburgh to see a little more of Scotland before returning home via London and Hong Kong.

Its the journey of a lifetime and we are playing 'the waiting game'; eager to be on our way but not wishing it to come too quickly, and then be over.

Travel is amazing. And planning is half the fun. And are we having fun!