Almost there...

Another 11 days and we'll be on a plane headed for Melbourne and then on to New York City. The paperwork is complete, the housesitters are organised and the packing is almost done.

I feel so very sad for the people who lost their lives on Flight 9525, and for their grieving families. There have been so many unexplained aeroplane disasters this past year or so and some people are probably wondering why we would bother flying at all.

Because there's a huge world out there full of natural beauty, incredible history, art, architecture, music, museums, food and wine; not to mention the cultures and customs of other countries and their people.

Roll on 5th April!


  1. Hi Penny, I enjoy your vacation writings and the great pictures. You have a great life. Enjoy NY & DC, memorable cities! Bon Voyage to you both!
    M Rg


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