Scrapbooking... and life

Most of my friends know that I tutor scrapbooking for the Launceston School for Seniors, a role I have enjoyed now for several years. And although I never seem to get around to completing my own albums, I still feel closely connected to the craft.

It is for this reason that whilst shopping in a local bookstore several weeks ago, I couldn't help myself from purchasing a copy of Ann Patchett's State of Wonder (which, by the way, was a wonderful read) just so I could receive a free copy of The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society by Darien Gee.

I don't usually purchase 'thick' books as I tend to lose interest, and I don't read much in the way of women's fiction, but I persevered through what I considered to be a confusing couple of chapters (confusing because of the number of female characters with whom I had to become acquainted) until I realised a pattern was developing. Then I read on, and on until I was hooked.

You might wonder how anyone could write a 'thick' book about scrapbooking. Well, Darien Gee has successfully done just that. Scrapbooking is indeed the central theme of this novel as it brings together a community of people of all ages and persuasions and from all walks of life. There's drama and suspense, laughter and tears; something for everyone... including a stray goat.

What a refreshing look at society - and what better way to do that than to scrapbook!