The Lion King

We were fortunate to spend the past three days in Melbourne. Just love being there for the shops and the trams and the footy (although not this time of year), but this time we went specifically to see a show; The Lion King. And what a show it was!

As we waited in the foyer we saw a zebra made from metal and I wondered what the animals were going to look like on stage. Well, they were so lifelike you forgot they were made from metal and the sheer creativity of their construction is astounding.

Everything, except the human characters, appears to be mechanical, and the talented actors who ride these machines are to be congratulated. Even the grass slides silently across the stage as the sun rises in the background.

The basic story of Simba the lion cub is enhanced not just by the scenery, but by the magnificent singing and speaking voices of the cast. Not to be missed!

And the shopping wasn't bad either...