Beautiful Bilbao

Bilbao, pronounced Bilbough, is an enchanting city. We took our first shore excursion of this cruise and enjoyed the comfort of a coach through the old town which included a walking tour. We were particularly interested to hear of the town's history, and to see apartments of several stories where the higher you go, the shorter the doors are. This was because the well-to-do lived on the lower floors of the buildings which were of course without lifts, and the less well-to-do lived on the upper floors and had to climb the stairs.

The coach then drove us to the coastal city of Castro Urdiales, the third largest in the Basque Country. There we found a quaint fishing village, a restored lighthouse, a 14th Century church and the remains of an ancient Roman chapel. Fabulous views - and the weather was kind with 23 degrees and a balmy breeze.

A typical house from the Port of Bilbao
Bilbao town 

Apartment building - note the doorways decreasing in height as the floors go up!

Shopping street in the Old Town

Butcher shop

Castro Urdiales

14th Century Church with the remains of a Roman chapel