Wonderful Warnemunde

Finally to Germany and the port of Warnemunde (pronounced Vaunemunde) on the River Warne in the city of Rostock.
In the morning we wandered through this quaint little village and then took an afternoon shore excursion to Bad Doberan Minster, an enormous 13th Century cathedral that once formed part of a monastery that was enclosed within a two metre high stone wall. When the reformation occurred the Catholics converted to protestant and the monastery outbuildings were destroyed around 1552 as there was no longer any need for monks. But thankfully, the Minster survived and is still used for regular services.
We then took the Molli Steam Train, which was built in 1886, through little villages - literally, down the main streets, within inches of sandwich boards outside the shops - to the seaside resort town of Kuehlungsborn where we were treated to coffee and delicious traditional German apple strudel.
Molli was the name of a little dog who belonged to a passenger of the train many years ago. As the passenger was running for the train one day Molli got loose. Her owner called out ‘Molli! Wait!’ just as the train began to move and the other passengers assumed Molli was the name of the train, so it stuck!
The village of Warnemunde

Bad Doberman Minster

Mollie Steam Train

On the beach at Kuehlungsborn