Back to Earth

We have now been home 15 days following our amazing around-the-world journey. I can't stop thinking about the places we visited, but I have trouble now believing we were actually there. I guess this is a combination of the amount of wonderful experiences we had, and the fact that we came back down to earth so quickly after arriving home.

We were barely home and we were back to our routine. Already I have:
  • Been reunited with my gorgeous girls, one or two of whom missed me at least;
  • Taken my scrapbooking class on our bi-annual field trip to Bev's Cross Crafts at Spreyton via ETC at Elizabeth Town and followed by lunch at The Cherry Shed at Latrobe. We had a fulfilling and fun filled day and we're looking forward to the next.
  • Spent days wading through a couple of thousand photographs from the holiday; deleting and editing, etc. and have had several hundred printed out, which will keep me scrapping until the end of the year.
  • Completed the initial draft of a manuscript I am ghost-writing for a client in NSW;
  • Started researching articles for pitching to various magazines, some with fairly urgent deadlines;
  • Commenced French class with its associated homework;
  • Enrolled in yet another writing course; and
  • Wasted hours and hours on the phone with our Internet service provider trying to finalise our NBN installation!
Its been a busy time already and doesn't promise to be any less busy any time soon. But at least I'm not wasting time dreaming of how lovely it would be to be sitting in a cafĂ© in Lisbon enjoying a delicious Portugese Tart; or dodging a Hawk as it flies over my head in a falconry display in northern Scotland; or appreciating the sheer magnificence of the Spilled Blood Church in St Petersburg.

Oh, the memories...