Getting motivated...

Here we are at the end of April, already one-third of the way through the year. And what have I achieved - writing-wise? A couple of articles for an educational magazine and a few blogs.

Of course I travelled overseas for a few weeks, entertained visitors from the mainland, tutored my scrapbooking class, helped an aunt with her family tree research and also flew unexpectedly to NSW for a family funeral.

But really, I've no excuse and I'm feeling guilty. So, it all stops here.

Today I did a writing exercise - 100 words about anything but without using the letter 'e'. I found this exercise fun and challenging, well worth doing. Then I spent hours scouring on-line magazines, trying to get a feel for the types of publications to which I can pitch my article ideas. And now the work begins...

Watch this space. But in the meantime, here are my 100 words:

Amazing sights span our world!

Many charm us with astonishing vistas or history; or gratify us with fantastic food and drinks. Locals thrill us with unfamiliar traditions and customs and all around points of curiosity and wisdom abound.

I would assign falconry in Scotland, Smithsonian in Washington, shopping in Hong Kong, duomos in Italy, WASA in Stockholm, pandas in China and custard tarts in Portugal as my picks in this fantastic habitat.

And I long to boost my capability with facts and data from additional outings to far flung locations, if such an occasion is forthcoming.