How things change...

We recently spent a couple of nights in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of NSW. As a kid, I spent many school holidays at Katoomba Falls in our caravan and have fond memories of great times with family and friends, as well as long bush walks including the Federal Pass from the Three Sisters to the Scenic Railway. In fact I remember one time we hiked several miles to the railway and then smuggled our corgi dog on a carriage in a picnic basket, hoping she wouldn't bark!

A visit to Scenic World, the more modern name, was a definite must. But it was almost unrecognisable. As we approached, a four-storey carpark blotted the view - a four-story carpark? At Katoomba Falls? Unbelievable. But the surprise didn't stop there. We parked the car and walked over to the refurbished building which was once home to a revolving restaurant that served fairly basic, but healthy meals.

We skirted the ticket office at the front of the building and walked to the back to catch a glimpse of the Scenic Skyway which still plies its way out across the valley. However, it is now a state-of-the-art bright yellow passenger vehicle. Then we snuck into the main building and found ourselves in an enormous tourist shop that sells everything from stuffed animals to jewellery.

Upstairs is the cafĂ© (no longer revolving) with a huge outdoor deck that offers views across the valley and access to the newest attraction, the Cableway which disappears down the side of the mountain, apparently the straightest drop in the world.

Lunch was a frittata with great espresso coffee, for which I had to queue forever. And speaking of queues, they're everywhere. After lunch we watched the train arrive back. I remember it as three or four carriages linked together with chains and covered in wire mesh. Now its a shiny bright red 'train' covered floor to ceiling in glass.

We couldn't believe the number of people getting on and off the train - or the other two attractions for that matter. I can't remember how much the tickets cost when I was a kid but we spared no expense in those days - it was all so wonderful. These days a ticket costs $39 for all three attractions (with family discounts) and I guess that's acceptable in this modern age, for a terrifying ride down or across the valley!



  1. Times have certainly changed... sometimes, I wonder... in this case... not for the better. Beautiful memories of good times at the Blue Mountains.....

    1. That's life, isn't it? Just as well we have the memories!


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