Living life to the fullest...

Betty, a family friend who is blind and deaf, along with her husband John and guide dog Lindsay, recently stayed with me for a few days.

Betty has been vision impaired since birth and now at 65 can see only shadows. Added to this she has worn hearing aids since childhood but thankfully now has cochlear implants in both ears and is able to hear more than she has for her entire life. Most of us don't like to think about life without our eyes and ears, but when you live with someone with these disabilities, you cannot help but be humbled and thankful for what you have.

Despite Betty's disabilities, she is bright and outgoing with a positive attitude, and she is both courageous and determined. In the past, when she still had limited sight, she went out and experienced life unlike most of us: skydiving, bungy jumping, marathon running, motorcycling - you name it, she did it. And in more recent years she has forged wonderful hobbies for herself in the form of jewellery making, crochet and applique.

Betty is truly remarkable and I feel very humbled.


  1. Makes you really grateful for all we have... health wise and life wise.... Thanks for sharing :-)


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