Recognition - at last!

Spurred on by one of the members of my writers' group, I have recently entered a few competitions, for both short stories (fiction) and articles (non-fiction).

A couple of weeks back I received the type of email we writers dream of - 2nd Prize in the FAW Qld. Inc. Literary Awards 2016!

My article was entitled Art for the Street and is about the Sheffield Mural Fest and the 2011 winner, a graffiti artist named Christian Griffiths, and the first competitor to ever spray paint an entry.

This 'win' has inspired me even more. For months I've been trying to crack the magazine market with the odd travel article, but to no avail. Then I thought I'd look for any competitions out there for short non-fiction (article, travel story, essay, etc.). And guess what? I found a few.

Now I'm frantically trying to get my entries written for competitions closing in August and September. Watch this space!!

Oh, and I recently had another educational article published in HistoriCool - about the West Coast Wilderness Railway here in Tassie.